“I had the pleasure of working with Valerie as my midwife during my fifth pregnancy, in which she provided me with wonderful prenatal, birth, and postpartum support. I felt more honored, respected and cared for with Valerie than with any of the care providers I had previously worked with during my other pregnancies. The resources and wisdom she provided me helped to further my own understanding of the birth process which led to feeling more empowered and prepared for my birth journey. She is truly gifted as a compassionate birth keeper and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the process. I have also been enjoying the postpartum services she offers, especially the vaginal steaming! This is the first time I have truly honored my postpartum time with such a nourishing ritual of herbs and self-care and I highly recommend it! It has helped immensely with my postpartum healing and recovery. I am so grateful to have chosen Valerie as my midwife and I highly recommend her services! “ Sarah R.

“Through the miracle process of pregnancy and birth, Valerie helped me with the most beautiful and significantly life-altering events that I have ever experienced, I had her individual support to whom I could turn for advice, as well as Emotions, fears and questions, and she had answers for practically everything, that I can't imagine the time would have been without her services, she has made not only my pregnancy but also my birth a beautiful journey helping and serving me with the tools to take on motherhood as it approached and as my little one arrived and to not fear the unknown and to embrace the miracle of creating and bringing life. Her doula services and pregnancy retreats helped not only just me, but other beautiful pregnant mothers come together and to become warriors for whatever situation or fears we have had, and to bond within yourself and your little one that's due to arrive.I am very lucky and thankful to have had her with my first pregnancy and birth and her services because she made it blissful and rewarding, there was nothing but pure joy and happiness and love in the room, she attended my every want and need, and helped me accomplish my dream birth, There is no one like her and what she does for woman out there, she is truly a blessing.“ Erica P.

"I recently had the honor of attending a birth in which Valerie served as the Doula. Her presence was calm and supportive. She offered appropriate help and support as needed but had the wisdom to step back and give the parents space when appropriate. This is a quality that I find rare in the doulas I have worked with. I believe Valerie's intuitive knowingness will prove to benefit any birthing couple who choose her services, and I recommend her highly" Paula M. Licensed Midwife CPM

“Valerie was my postpartum doula after the birth of my third son. She gave me the extra support I needed to make a smooth transition into being a mother of three. Her nature was so easy going and she was always happy to help. She did light house work, made snacks, prepared sitz baths and kept my other little ones company while I rested and took care of my newborn. It was amazing! 

Along with postpartum support, she also taught me how to belly wrap. It was a little tricky at first, but once I practiced a few times I got the hang of it. The wrap was really comforting and made me feel more together after giving birth. 
I also tried several sessions of the moxibustion and did the v steam. They were both really relaxing. The extra postpartum care was a great ritual to remind me to continue to take things slow and focus on self care in those early weeks with a new baby. I’m grateful for Valerie’s knowledge and postpartum support, I would recommend her to any new mother.” Nicole H.

“Valerie was our doula. There are no words to express how valuable Valerie's expertise was to myself and my husband. She was a vital asset to our birth story! She brought a calm and soothing spirit to the house as soon as she walked in on the night of laboring. She helped us prepare before hand so that when the labor came we were fully prepared for the process! We also used her belly wrapping services and we're very impressed at how well the belly binding helps to support mommy's back and also helps to reduce swelling quickly. 3 weeks postpartum and my stomach is almost back to normal in size. “ Stephanie Ann

"I would like to encourage anyone considering having a midwife to, not only do so, but to have Valerie. 
Her birthing classes are not just informative but also help you connect as partners and with yourself. The classes make you realize how powerful you are as a woman but also that you can really be a team with your partner. 
I planned to do a water birth at home and my labor was a long labor. Valerie knew exactly what to do the entire time. I was throwing up and she gave me essential oils, and then I was able to keep food down. When my labor wasn't progressing she knew all the positions to help bring on labor. She also knew exactly when to step in, but even more, she really knew when to just let my husband and my mother connect with me through the labor and birthing. She brings so much peace and calmness and a sense of family to the whole process and that is so important. It's the type of setting you want when laboring. 

And I would definitely recommend her postpartum care! Before I took the birthing classes, I didn't know very much about what happens to our bodies after the birth. I recommend the placenta capsules which help balance your hormones so you're much less likely to suffer postpartum depression. And the belly binding helps so much to bring support and healing to your body. 

I would recommend Valerie a hundred times over. I can't imagine birthing any children with out her. I knew she was knowledgeable but I had no idea just how invaluable she really was! I wish I could pay her triple and write a book about how incredible she is." Emily C.

”We used Valerie Wiesner for Doula Services this past November! Our first birth was a hospital birth & was pretty traumatic for the most part. What I really appreciated out of Valerie was how confident & encouraging she was with us. She really helped turn my husband into the strongest supporter I could ever ask for! I felt nothing but strength going into my labor with her as my doula. We had a quick 6 hour natural labor thanks to everything Valerie did for us! Her services are amazing! I enjoyed the belly binding ritual & placenta encapsulation.”  Michaela H.

Connection + Trust

Connection + Trust