I Recognize the Sacredness of birth, and use both traditional and scientific practices for optimal midwifery care

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Reminding Women of your instinctive knowing


Welcome to Sacred Birth Traditions

Serving Northern Arizona with Progressive, Traditional Birth Support

I offer guidance, resources and personalized care from preconception thru the postpartum period. Women have a blueprint for labor and birth- our bodies instinctively know what to do in labor when given the freedom and support. I am here to inspire you with peace and confidence, and a deep understanding of both the sacred and the science of birth. I thrive in guiding women with cutting edge practices to support the childbearing year in robust health and happiness.

Birthing fourteen babies myself, I value the importance of your birthing experience. I offer education, resources, connection and I have deep respect for your desires and intuitions in the process. My passion is to equip you to find strength, health, power and your natural instincts during pregnancy and birth, as it’s intended to unfold.

You were made for this sacred experience-



Supporting women especially through the childbearing year, with knowledge, respect and confidence.


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PMA Midwifery Care

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Sacred Postpartum Healing

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Sacred Postpartum Training

Sacred Wise Woman Course

Hands on support. YOU are the center of your experience.

Hands on support. YOU are the center of your experience.


Birth is intense

And you are STRONG